One Day Left
Submitted by Patty

My mother came to live with me because she was diagnosed with cancer. She had lived with it for several years until it got so bad she couldn't live alone and she knew how hard it was for me to go to her house every day with a family of my own. My husband and children were very helpful along with the nurse from hospice. The hospice nurse would come every day.

On Wednesday, December 19th, my younger sister and I had taken my Mother to her doctor, he had given us bad news. He said My Mother wouldn't have much more time here (maybe a week or two). With this news my sister and I took her home so she could be in bed and I called the rest of my family members to let them know what the doctor had said. My oldest sister lived several hours away and she said she would come up that Friday.

My younger sister had gone home and a neighbor stopped in with some Christmas cookies. While she was there I was telling her about my mom (She was my mom's friend) when all of a sudden, I looked over at my mom and she was on her elbows with her eyes and mouth wide opened looking up at the ceiling. This was very unusual because she wasnt able to open her eyes much or even get up like she was. I ran over to her and asked what she was looking at. I heard a loud ringing in my ear and walked away.

My neighbor who also witnessed this told me it would be ok and went home. I think she couldn't believe her own eyes.

When my mother had stopped looking up at the ceiling (She was looking up for about 3 minutes), I decided to call my older sister and tell her about what had just taken place. It was really strange to me. My sister told me she would come up that next day instead of Friday. When I got off the phone with my sister I went over to my mom to stand her next to the bed. (I did this when I saw she was pulling on the rail of the bed, as if to say I want to get up). When I went to lift her she looked at me and said "I have 1 day left." I just said ok and held her for a while.

When I laid her back down, I got on the phone again with my sister and told her what had happened. I dont know why I never called everyone in my family to tell them about what had happened. The next day my oldest sister came. Some of my brothers come over also. My sister and I thought that my mom was just saying things because of being on morphine. It was Midnight and my sister and I was wraping gifts when I said to her "it must have been the morphine" thinking that from morning to midnight was a day.

The next morning my Mother was gone. She was right and she had lived exactly one day. I'm still not sure why she was told she would have one day, and why this all happened but I am sure of one thing. There are Angels!!!! And there is a GOD! Believe!!!

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