I'm Here
Submitted by Rachel

The second semester I was in college I was in shambles near the end. I was swamped with tests, had a ton of readings and homework to do, and just didn't have the time to do it all.

I had just been saved only a couple of months prior to this and I was still having a real hard time putting all my faith in God and letting Him take care of everything. I was actually going to my best friend with all my questions and problems instead. She kept on telling me that I needed to go to God with my problems but I was afraid to do that because I wasn't sure if He would listen or answer and if He did answer I was afraid I wouldn't be able to hear Him or understand what He said.

One day in the midst of all this we decided to go up to the mall and walk around to try and relieve some stress. We had just finished having a conversation about my problem with not going to God the night before and my stomach was in knots as I thought about all the things that were going on in my life and how I thought myself stupid for being so incapable of trusting and believing that God was there for me.

Now this next part won't make sense unless I explain just a little about myself. I absolutely love animals. I have a list of things I want to do before I die and most of them involves an animal in some way. I want to swim with wild dolphins, I want to pet a full grown tiger, lion, panther (pretty much all the big cats). I want to swim with some trained sea lions and a killer whale. One of the little things I always wanted to do was be like a disney princess in a sense that most of those princesses, at some time or another, get to have a wild bird pirch on their finger. I have wanted that ever since I was five.

While we were walking into the first set of doors that led into the mall, a wild little bird flew in and hit the second set of doors and fell onto the rim of the trashcan. I saw it and reached my finger to it, expecting it to freak out and fly around the room, but instead it looked at me, and then at my finger, and then it hopped up onto my finger and sat there. I was amazed and so was my friend. She opened the door leading outside for me and I walked outside to let the little bird fly away, and he didn't. He sat there and just looked around. I put my finger up in the air so he felt a little more free, and he still just sat there. Some people began to gather and look, and finally the little bird found his bearing, caught the wind, and flew into the distance tweeting. I was so excited.

I not only got to cross a goal off of my list but it took the knots out of my stomach and I was no longer worried about any of the things that had been torturing me merely moments before. My best friend looked at me and told me that God gave me a little desire of my heart to show me that He is here and that He loves me, and she was right. It was just a little a gift to everyone but me. It made me realize that He knows me, He knows my wants and needs better than I do. Now I know that He does see me and He gives me all that I need, and He is and always will be there for me.

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