My First Encounter With an Angel
Submitted by Salie

I remember when I was in grade school. I would often walk home to have lunch in our house. On my way going back to school, there was this owner type jeep and two drunk men in it. Their eyes were so red and it seemed that they were drug addicts too. I don't know why I just felt that way. A little voice told me that they would invite me to get into their car, so they would just drop me where I was supposed to go. But I would have to decline that offer for I don't know them and then it happened.

They asked me to get in to their car. I was all alone at the time and then again that same voice told me to be careful and not to be afraid. He told me that one man will come down to bring me inside that car whether I liked it or not. Then again it happened. One man came down and walked towards me. I prayed hard for my safety and fear is overwhelming me that I was near jumping into the bushes. Then as if my prayers were answered, someone came out of nowhere. Then after that the two men left and went on their way. I have not seen that someone anymore.

This experience, brings me more closer to my guardian angel. I knew that from that time on I was not alone. I knew that it is my guardian angel who helped me. That little voice that tells me what to do and who has never left me in time of my trouble.

I thank God for giving me a guardian angel.

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