God Please Save Me
Submitted by Samm

When I was between the age of 12 to 14, I was frequently being molested by my father at night. I began to do some really intense hating of God. I would literally sit there the whole night thinking how much I really hated God and how it was his fault this was really happening to me! I was pondering how to exit the world. Should I take my dad with me or would it be worse if I let him live with the fact he was the reason I killed myself? It was within the week of planning my death and maybe my father's that I began to see demons. I was absolutely paralyzed. I wanted to move and try to see if what I was really seeing was what it really appeared to be. But, it was as though my head was being held by hands and they were holding my arms down and my legs down. They were dancing around in the middle of the room and jumping on my bed and off of my bed. They were laughing and pointing at me. They would stick their faces so close to mine, that I could smell their breath. It was like hot sewage; raw and grotesque. I would literally spit up it made me so sick.

This went on for 3 nights and I finally said out loud. "God please save me or get it over with!!!" At that moment four lights appeared, one in each corner of my room. I heard someone say "The games are over, she has called, give her peace." The lights became cherubs and they began to close in from the corners of my room into the center.

The demons, as this was going on, began to hunch over as if in pain and let out great squeals. They slowly moved closer to the middle of the room. As the cherubs floating in the air came together in a four cherub hug, the demons began to get smaller and disappear into the floor. They were gone. I was absolutely astonished! I was sitting bolted upright on the bed and wanted to scream for my mom who was on the other side of the house and couldn't let out one sound. It was like a big knot was in my throat! One of the cherubs came over and hugged my face. It was so beautiful. I was not able to tell if it was boy or girl. It could have been either. It felt so warm and soft like silk. It had a burgundy color slip of cloth that seem to float around it's torso and bottom. It wasn't actually wearing it. It leaned me back on the bed and whispered as though it was close to my ear, but it wasn't, I heard it say "It's over now, go to sleep, I will watch over you." Then my eyes became very heavy. Yet somehow I knew as I slept it stayed seated on the little post of my daybed by my head. I felt a soft brushing over my forehead ,as if it were massaging it. When I woke up in the morning there was no one and nothing there! I know it wasn't a dream!!! I felt a calmness that hasn't left my heart to this day.

Even now when things get awful, I know I'm not alone! I know I must live my life to please God. It wasn't His fault what was happening. Satan almost won the battle for my soul. A lost child. I didn't come to realize it until about 2 years go. After much growing up and actually searching and deciding to do whatever it takes to be truly one of God's children. But I know with all my heart, because I asked him with every ounce of my being to save me or put an end to it, He did. He put an end to it and He saved me.

You can choose to believe this story or not but, I believe it with every ounce of my being and there is not one room that I don't have cherubs watching to ward off demons. They do exist.

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