He Stretched His Arms
Submitted by Santiago

I'm a 47 year old man - this happened to me possibly around the age of 12. My family and I would get up in the morning on a given weekend and go shore fishing for sea snails. Most of the shore line is volcanic rock. We came upon a drop in the shore line into a small valley of lava rock surface and it was coverd with snails we just kept filling our bags. The sea was breaking 15 to 20 meters away gently on a bright and beautiful day when suddenly a great wave over ten feet tall covered the whole area. The power of the water was hitting us and pulling us away towards the ocean. My mom held us with one hand and we were gripping the pointy sharp lava rock. In that instant, a man above us was standing with arms stretched out and the sea then came to a complete calm. We looked again and he was gone.

Some of us were injured and required stitches. I believed it to be an angel then and I still do. A friend of the family thought it was just a local passing by. He never spoke or approached us, he just stretched out his arms and left.

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