Slow Down and Stop Here
Submitted by Shelly

This Heavenly encounter happened to me about eleven years ago or so (late 1991 or early 1992). My three little girls were of the ages of six, four and two years old. We were returning home in our Aerostar van from somewhere; I can't even remember the details of where we had been. But what happened as I was driving down our street toward our home will remain in my memory as vivid and astounding as at the moment I experienced it.

I had the girls all in their "assigned" places - this helps minimize any chance of squabbles while mommy's driving. Sarah, the six year old, had the back seat all to herself. Pammie, the two year old, was buckled into her car seat right behind me in the middle seat. And my most rambunctious one (the middle child), Amanda, had the front passenger seat but was buckled into her "booster" seat.

It was, I think, mid-morning; a time of day when the traffic was lighter. Because, I do remember that there was no traffic behind me and I had not passed anyone and there was no traffic on my street at all. I was driving along, lost in thought, only about six houses from my own. When suddenly I heard a voice! It was very clear - a male voice - as if someone was right there in the van with us but I know I heard it in my head. It totally interrupted whatever I was thinking and said, "Slow down and stop here." (Talk about startled!!) And I knew exactly where "here" was supposed to be - I needed to stop before the intersection. I should explain that, in my town, not all intersections in residential areas have stop signs. Some intersections only have them for traffic on one of the intersecting roads. I was on the road without a stop sign.

I was so stunned by this voice I found myself obeying the instruction to slow down. And I remember feeling that I was not in control now - I was on automatic pilot. I even remember saying aloud to myself, "I can't believe I'm doing it!" Then, I rolled very slowly to a stop right at the corner. Still, no traffic anywhere to be seen. Then, suddenly, a car shot right in front of me! They had a stop sign but blew right threw it! It was an older car; one of those long like a "gunboat" type of cars. It had gray primer paint and the two guys in it were very scruffy looking. The driver was intent on getting out of there fast and the passenger was looking behind them! They must have been going 50mph because as I turned my head to see a license plate, they had disappeared around the bend in the road and were out of sight in the blink of an eye!

I just sat there; blinking and coming to myself with the realization of what had just happened to me. Divine Intervention! This is the part of my story where I get pretty choked up, because I also realize what would have happened if I had not obeyed that voice - we surely would have been killed. Those guys were going SO FAST! I am sure we would have rolled from the impact.

I sat for a moment and bowed my head and thanked the Lord for protecting us. What a sacred experience that was for me. I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and have felt the warm and unconditional love the Holy Spirit brings. But this was an experience of such tangible proof for me that it is a sacred moment in my life that I am so very thankful for. I can say without any reservations that I know there is more to this life than this life! We are surrounded by spirit beings who watch over us. They help us in so many ways. I am sure we will not know, in this life, of all their help and how many times we were preserved until we leave this mortal probation and have these things revealed to us. And how amazed we will be!

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