Angel in the Helicopter
Submitted by Tammy

I was pregnant with my second child and 7 months along when one night my water broke and I went into premature labor. My husband rushed me to our local hospital and they made a decision to life flight me in a medical helicopter to Tulsa, Oklahoma which was 2 hours away. They did this because our local hospital was small and did not have neonatal intensive care unit to care for premature and critically ill babies.

I was strapped onto a gurney, placed into the helicopter with a pilot, 2 paramedics and my husband. It was terrifying. I was frightened for the life of my baby and really praying to God to help my baby and me. I was brought up in church but honestly had kind of strayed, but I was a believer and prayed with all my heart for God's grace.

All of a sudden, I felt 2 hands on the top of my head. They were gentle but firm. At first I thought it was my husband, but he was right beside me, holding my hand. So I assumed it was one of the paramedics. I was lying on my back but I glanced behind me and realized one of the paramedics had his back turned away from me and the other was up in front with the pilot, yet I could still feel these hands on the top of my head. Just then I felt a "presence" for the lack of a better way of saying it and my whole body and being was flooded with the most incredible feeling of love, peace and mercy. I felt this "energy" go completely through my body starting at where I felt the hands, it went through me and exited through the soles of my feet. It sounds incredible but I felt this glorious healing energy and I was no longer afraid for my baby. I turned to my husband who was desperately worried and told him not to be scared that everything was going to be okay.

Even though I did not "see" an angel in the helicopter, I know the good Lord sent one to me in answer to my desperate prayers for help. By the way, my son was born 2 days later, very, very small but completely normal. He is now 21 years old and is much loved. God is Great!!!!

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