The Nurse Angel
Submitted by Audrey

This past January, my husband was dying, he had got a cold, and then it turned in pneumonia. Then he got fluid on his lungs and also he got ARDS (Adult/Acute Respiratory Disease Syndrome) and then the tip of his heart exploded off. They needed to put a pig valve in. He was on total life support. The doctors told me he was not going to make it and he would die. He was in a coma and said he would never live to make the surgery. Well when he got to his peak he did go through the surgery. It was touch and go and I was almost going crazy. I was at the hospital all the time by myself 24-7 for 2 months. They came in and told me to tell him good-bye.

As I was walking into ICU, I leaned against the wall crying and this nurse came to me. We went into this empty room and she told me he was going to make it and I told her what the doctors told me. She said he is going to make it he is not going to die. She put her arms around me and I have never felt so much peace in all my life. Months before my hubby got sick my mom and son died. She was in white and had a nametag on. She also gave me a number to call straight back to ICU in which I did not have, as they would not give that number out. I would have to call the operator and she would connect me. Well when I left her I knew he was going to make it. I kept telling the doctors he is not going to die. They thought I was having a break down.

As time went by, I never saw her (the nurse) again and as my husband got better they moved him to his own room. He had a room all to himself and I thank God for it so I could stay in the room with him all the time. Everyone that worked in ICU always came to see him but her. I never could figure it out, until one day I went asking about her. They said no one by that name worked there. I told them what she even looked like but never at anytime did anyone by that name work here. I went back to my hubby’s room trying to figure this out. I got the phone number from my purse and called it and it was the number she told me. I even told and showed the number to these people and they wondered how I got that number.

I had an angel that came to visit me to let me know that he is going to make it. I have never felt like that when someone touched me. It was such a wonderful feeling, the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life. I won’t ever forget what I experienced that night at the hospital. So there are angels, and I had one to watch over my hubby and me.

My hubby is home and doing well today. We have a little trouble with his pressure, but he is a miracle. The doctors could not believe this because they said that man was dying. I stayed on that floor many of hours praying. God knew I was by myself so he sent one of his angels to me. "You just have to believe", I told them.

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