Messenger of Light
Submitted by Toby

It was the September after the twin towers fell. As I lay on a couch with no lights on, I was trying to go to sleep but I was restless.

A light appeared just in front of me. The light illuminated the whole room. It was so bright I could not even look at it. I was scared to death, so I buried my face into the couch. It didn't help much. A male voice spoke to me and the voice was like many waters rushing but the voice was clear.

This is coming from a person who didn't believe in God at the time. I believe it was our Lord calling me, lifting the veil from my eyes, and showing me what I was doing that is unpleasing to our father. I was dead in Christ and he woke me up, to see the world around me for what it is. He delivered me from the darkness (sin) that I was in at the time.

But I tell you the truth, after my encounter and what was told to me, my whole life changed completely. No one knew what was happening to me. But I did.

My God, Lord, Father in heaven had come to me and changed my life for the good of His will. I am a witness of the true light that lights every man. I bare witness of that light.

For God saw fit to call a lowly person like me out of the darkness and into the light.

Praise God forever and ever...

Prepare for the coming of our King Christ Jesus…

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