Angel Encounters

Angels are all around us.  There are many, many books and stories about angel encounters, some an angel has been seen and some the acts of angels.  The stories range from someone seeing just a glowing light or feeling a magnificent, peaceful presence.  Angels are from God and are sent by Him to help those who need it.  Times of turmoil, times of life threatening situations, and times of death, God will send them if He desires.  Please read the stories that my visitors have so graciously allowed me to put here to share with you.

I am sure it will give a feeling of gladness to know that angels are here with us, to guide us, and to protect us as God wills.
May God Bless You Abundantly!

Stories Index:
I Saw An Angel
House Burglary The Angel of Peace
My Harley Angel He Must Have Been an Angel
Angel Encounter Angel Outside the Parking Garage
GUY Saved By an Angel
I Gave an Angel a Ride in My Car! Cheribums
A Different Way Saved from Drowning
Angel Over My House The Chair Angels
Wishing You Were Here Again My 25 Minute Angel
Angel at the Bus Stop Angel in the Basement
The Miracle The Blue Angel
There For Us 1984 - Fear or Faith
The Cherub Red Candles
My Proof That Angels Do Exist Angel in Church
I Have to Tell You This Beware the Fallen Angels
Do Not Be Afraid My Son Saw an Angel
Strange Lady Angel in the Hospital
In the Arms of an Angel Wallet Returned
Coping With Death An Angel on my Bed
An Angel to the Rescue The Taxi Rank
The White Feather The Trailer
Fiddle Back Spider Bite God's Blessing "Angels"
I Have an Angel For a Friend The Book Angel
Mothers Are Always There An Angel Tucked Me In
An Angel At The Scene Angel of Love and Mercy
3 Interweaving Stories of 3 People Banquet Earth Angel
A True Earth Angel Story I'm Here
Angel Escort Pet to Heaven A Two-Way Conversation
He Stretched His Arms My First Encounter With an Angel
Angel in the Helicopter A Near Miss
Protected Twice in One Day My Loving Guardian
My Mother's Welcoming Party Beware of Dark Angels
Furry Angel The Christmas Angel
Don't Cry No More Saved From a Strange Entity
My Friend the Angel I Know It's My Dad
I Pray the Lord My Soul to Keep The Magic Letter
My Rose Carried Away by the Angels
A March Madness Angel One Day Left
Messenger of Light Sor Juana de Asbaje is an Angel
Icy Roads Dad's Guardian Angels
God's Little Angel Tears on the Cross
Christmas Every Day A Silent Prayer
The Ole Church The Angel Park
The Frozen Creek Nine Mile Hill
The Policeman Paid In Full
Turn to the Right Slow Down and Stop Here
Good and Evil ~ My Story Good and Evil ~ The Barking Dogs
Devil and the Angel Marshmallow Angels
The Third Night 32 Ton Truck
The Nurse Angel Gerry's Angel
My Headaches are Gone! The Glorious Visitation
My Son and the Angels God Please Save Me
Message from my Son Good and Evil ~ Test of Faith

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